Lina is early out in January. This year a real Anniversary and the close family came first and the real party started when we had left.

Lina and Anders Happy Birthday! Lina
Birthday child
Anders & Kerstin Ann, Lina's mother and nephew

Kerstin is next out but not on the pictures as she did the cooking and the serving

Karin, Bror (Anders parents),
Bettan (sister), Johan & Laila
Petra, Lotta (Bettan's
daughter), Lina
Bror and Karin Lotta, Fredrik, Petra and Lina

Leif B follows when winter has just turned to spring.

Leif B with the traditional birthday cake

Kerstin, Anders and Laila at dinner Fredrik and Petra congratulate Anders as well

Johan & Lina
came a week later to celebrate
In June, Laila hits her adding point
Fredrik and Johan
Fred and Wilma Kerstin and UB Petra Mats UB
Lina, Laila, Johan Lina, Petra UB, Laila Mats, Kerstin, UB, Laila

Later in June, Dagny, Leif B's mother adds another year. She has well passed 90 but is still going strong.

Dagny Aunt Asta, Dagny, Laila Laila Leif B
We had a nice MC ride down to Nyköping and Dagny's anniversary, however a day early.

Fredrik has his anniversary in September and the family met again.

Laila, Petra and Fredrik give a toast for the entering guests Sisters' reunion, Laila and Kerstin We all grow but Lina the fastest Please, help yourself, Petra invites
Fredrik a year older
Johan, brother

Kerstin, aunt

Petra girlfriend since many years
  Uncle Anders and cousin George The other half

Johan - final birthday child of the year - 30 on the 30th

New toys - Johan & Anders are playing

Anders & Johan
Lina raises a toast to her husband Kerstin

Axelsson Jr. Family- Lina, Laila & Morris
Lina& Laila with the early birthday present - Morris

Johan with his new toy
Johan eating his (home made - himself) birthday cake