Millennium Ball

Millennium Ball in "House of Nobility" as celibrations of 10 years with Värmdö Skärgård Rotary Club.

On this photo at the doorstep eight of the presidents of the Club during the 10 years show up.

Leif B (charter president 90-91), Mats Myrén (92-93), Christopher Nathanson (95-96 ), Björn Cederwall (97-98), Siv Strömbäck (93-94), Calle Bildsten (acting), Anders Tihkan (96-97) & Lykke Olesen (91-92).

A Ball means dance and here Laila dances with the acting president Calle.

The Charter President addresses the party in an opening speach during dinner.

Preparing for the yearly Ball of the Swedish Royal Clubs. Cliff & Maryann over with us for ball and some other events.
Under way to the Ball with some drinks at the Grand Hotel bar. A lovely evening with a nice view, both in front and background - Cliff and Maryann.

At the tables, Bengt Schött,  Maryann, Christian Höeg, Gunilla Wennerholm, Cliff and Laila

Lars Knudsen, Fia Schött & Leif B enjoying themselves during dinner.
Randi Knudesen, Carl-Gustaf Wennerholm and Marie-Louise Höeg.