Back from Caribbean came old time friend Eduard Keck. Eduard was the Nordic Defense Attaché for Switzerland and left Sweden sailing in 1991. His travel has brought him to Venezuela, from where he joined a reunion of military attachés in Stockholm in June.
wpeB8.jpg (8450 bytes) To celebrate old times we threw a party for him at Vita Brevis. Here is Edi with Margareta Broms, Fredrik Broms and the skipper himself.
wpeBC.jpg (15156 bytes)
From upper left, Karin Lindskog with Lars Broms, Ulla Oest, Viveca Broms, Börje Holmqvist, Margareta Broms and very partly Roland Lindskog.
wpeBE.jpg (13619 bytes) From back to front, Margaret Mills, Laila Axelsson, Barbro Holmqvist, Otto Oest and Margareta Broms.


Even ladies grow older. Laila started another year in June and some people came along.
wpeC3.jpg (16616 bytes) From left, Margaret Mills, Carl Mills, Mike Mills, Fia Schött, Göran Ol Jonsson, Birthday Child, Mats Myrén, Fredrik, Petra and Uni-Britt Myrén.
From left Johan, Fredrik, Petra, Uni-Britt Myrén, Margaret Mills, Carl Mills, head of Fia Schött, Göran Ol Jonsson, and the Birthday Child. wpeC6.jpg (15639 bytes)
wpeC8.jpg (6514 bytes)
The party ended with a trip on a Boat and happy faces come from Birthday Child, Margaret Mills, Fia Schött and Leif B Axelsson.
wpeCA.jpg (5698 bytes) Boating is fun and life begins at 200 km/hr. Fia Schött and Leif B.
Children’s corner with Fredrik and Petra, Johan and Lina and friend Carl Mills. wpeCC.jpg (4003 bytes)
wpeCE.jpg (14083 bytes)
Perfect with friends in the Restaurant Business. Eva & Richard Boberg at Kanalbaren congratulate Laila while Fia Schött and Margaret Mills enjoy themselves at the table.